Branding & Identity

Branding should never take a back seat and should always be considered. A brand is much more than a logo and business card (who really uses stationary anymore?). A well thought out brand represents the overall identity of a company, including their unique voice and corporate mission.

Print Design

Gone are the days of die-cut, foil embossed, custom ink printed marketing collateral. We live in a digital world where print takes a back seat and when it’s used, it’s on a tight budget. Now the challenge is to stand out in the face of inexpensive printing. And that comes down to design.

Web Design

Web design encompasses much more than pixels and code. A web designer needs to understand how the user will interact with and respond to the website in order to design effectively. Every website also needs to be designed around a central purpose geared towards a specific audience.

Web Development

Good web designers can understand code. Great web designers know exactly how to code a website from the ground up. Why settle for good when there's great?

Responsive Design

Let's face it. If your website isn't mobile-ready, then you're not competing in the marketplace. And Google is dinging you on your search rankings. Go mobile or go home.


What's better than a website that anyone can update or post articles to? Maybe chocolate. But that's a personal preference.


A selection of design work showcasing a range of capabilities


I am the most organized designer you will ever meet. Thankfully it's not my only skill.

Clean Design

My design aesthetic is clean and simple, yet always with the brand and objectives in mind


I have excellent decision-making and process development skills based on quick reaction and recovery when demands change


Leading a team of designers has made me a better designer as well as mentor

Meet the Team

Dedication. Creativity. Technical know-how. All in one package.


What others have to say

  • Managers of her caliber are rare and I will definitely miss her.

    Nancy Marx – Senior Designer
  • As Creative Director at HotChalk, she was a fantastic manager and I felt very fortunate to be on her team. She made sure we were challenged and had the resources to learn and grow. Her expertise in web design, digital marketing, coding and blogging set great examples for me to follow.

    Nancy Marx – Senior Designer
  • Laura is perhaps the hardest-working Creative Director I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with a LOT of great CD’s! She’s managed her core team of designers who work on several fronts (SEO/PPC pages, digital/display/social ads, formatted emails, presentations, PDFs, and much, much more), adding her creative guidance, and tracking projects through the lifecycle across a variety of internal and external teams. She meets impossible deadlines. She understands the demands of the Silicon Valley environment. And she gets things done! We’re in awe of her abilities, creative insights, and work ethic.

    James Hyatt – Creative Manager, Copy
  • I have been honored to work with Laura over the past few years. She constantly amazes me with her attention-to-detail, coupled with unending creativity. She truly cares about the success of the company, her team, and the best interests of our clients. She gently encourages us all of us to do our best work and to not settle for anything less. Her work ethic and strong leadership have earned the respect of every person in our company. If you need something done – and done well – your best bet is to ask Laura.

    Heather Forer – Marketing Operations Manager
  • Laura was an excellent resource for programming for Mad Dog Design Inc. She’s intuitive, creative, professional and committed to delivering excellent code every time we hired her (which was a lot until she took her talents to an in house design team). She’s a pleasure to work with and a fantastic asset for any company!

    Michelle Burke, Owner – Mad Dog Design Inc.
  • I have had the great pleasure of working with Laura for the past 3 years. Laura brings an exceptional level of professionalism to the organization. It is her unquestionable level of expertise, combined with her adaptability and her passion for the clients, that help drive our company to success. Laura is a remarkable leader who has effortlessly earned the respect of her team, peers, and superiors alike. She is a true key player, and would be a tremendous asset in any organization.

    Staci Binns, Vice President of Community Development
  • It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Laura. I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for the past 3 years at Hotchalk, collaborating on multiple website designs, digital ads, and multiple landing page optimization projects. Laura’s ability to juggle multiple projects and her attention to detail is unlike any I’ve seen before. Laura is a great person to grab a cup of coffee with and well liked by everyone on her team. As a team member and a leader, Laura earns my highest recommendation.

    Norm Crochetiere, Senior Director of Marketing
  • Laura’s creative thinking, expertise, positive can-do attitude made her an absolute pleasure to work with. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Laura is your superstar. She would be an excellent addition to any company!

    Virgil Vo, Database Engineer
  • Any organization that Laura chose to join would be extremely lucky to have her.

    David Sals, Director of Development
  • In the nearly four years I’ve worked with Laura Martin, I’ve found her to be someone I can depend on for dedication and results. As a web developer for 18 years, I know how unusual it is to work with a designer who brings to the table not only excellent design skills, but also the ability to clearly and completely communicate her vision, the flexibility to collaborate effectively in a rapidly changing work environment, and the detail orientation to make sure a project is done right from start to finish.

    David Sals, Director of Development

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