Why I Teach

Why I Teach Campaign

Project: Organic Social Media Campaign
Goal: User engagement; SEO traffic
Role: Strategy and Design; Worked with social media/content teams on execution

Last summer, I concepted and developed an organic engagement campaign targeting teachers – the main target audience for one of our flagship clients. Traditionally, the summer months struggle in terms of lead flow, so I took it as an opportunity to engage our existing audiences on social media (facebook, pinterest, linked in, and twitter). The campaign started in June and graphically posed the question “Why do you teach?” to our followers.


I then used those responses to create original content and graphics that continued the conversation across the organic channels throughout the summer. These graphics linked through to relevant blog articles to provide the user with compelling content as well as traffic to our main website.

The full campaign can be viewed on Pinterest.

Our content team then used the entire campaign as a building block to create an article on our blog with a slideshow, specific responses and links to other relevant articles on the site.

The campaign resulted in:

  • 146 social shares
  • +246k users reached
  • 1337 post clicks
  • 6193 blog page views
  • 155 blog article shares

A welcomed, secondary result was a handful of leads. Overall the campaign used minimal resources and was able to engage our target audience over a period of time that is usually challenging.

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