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Online Student Application
integrated into Salesforce


Design an online application to compliment new brand launch while representing three Universities


Scope, Wireframes, Design, Work with offshore development team, QAt

Process Map

This application project was a bit more complex in that we needed to combine three separate student applications into one but still make sure the user was able to determine which program they wanted to apply for. The first step was to map out the user flow and process to ensure that all conditions were accounted for and that users were taken to the correct school application.


Using this process map as a guide, I wireframed out the application to make sure that the flow made sense and that all data fields were
accounted for. The next step was to design the application UI to be
complimentary to the new website that it would be launching with. By carrying over the navigation bar and contact icons, the user easily identifies this application to be part of the website they came from. In order to help the user identify which of the three Concordias they are applying for, I added in a space for the logo and description to display next to the program they selected.

Application Process
Academic Info


Once all approvals were received, I proceeded to work with our external contractor to develop the application in the environment. I developed a detailed instructions document as a guideline for the developers along with various CSS and images needed to develop the application. There was a short timeline and solidified launch date that this needed to be completed by so I couldn’t developed functional prototypes to hand off. Instead, I worked closely with the developers on a daily basis to review the progress, provide feedback, detail bugs and issues, and make sure the application was performing as required.

Due to the close communication, we were able to launch the application alongside the website launch as originally scheduled.

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