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Organic Website


Showcase our network of educational publishers while utilizing organic traffic to market our resources to K-12 teachers


Scope, Wireframes, Design, Development and QA (aka: all of the above)


Under a very tight deadline (less than 8 weeks), I worked with various product owners to develop a plan that could be executed in time for a high-profile event promoting the HotChalk Education Network.


After finalizing the sitemap, content structure and wireframes, the next step was to align the Education Network brand and website design with the newly launched HotChalk brand/website. I wanted to bring it under the HotChalk umbrella but also give it its own unique look and feel. I chose to focus on some of the HotChalk accent colors which I carried throughout the website design. Corporate colors were then used as accent pops of color.


Once the comps were approved, I worked with the developers and writers to execute the site – this included responsive development so that the site was optimized for mobile users as well as desktop. At the end of the day, we delivered a fully responsive and functional website on time for the event.


Desktop version


Mobile Version

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